The 100 Day Project

So I am super excited to be participating in (as of 2nd of April 2019) the social media creative project thing, otherwise know as The 100 Day Project.

In it’s 6th year and hosted by Lindsay Jean Thompson, the project is free to enter (though donations are welcome) and the aim is to set yourself a creative task to do every day for 100 days.

My Creative Task
So I have decided to illustrate a different idiom for 100 days. For those who don’t know an idiom is a metaphorical saying or expression used to describe something where it’s meaning doesn’t actually relate to the literal meaning of the words. For example, to say someone has “cold feet” doesn’t literally mean their feet are cold. Instead the phrase is used to suggest someone who is fearful about taking on a task.

My aim is to be playfully visual with both the literal meaning and metaphorical meaning of the different idioms and relate them personally to myself in terms of creative career and life lessons I have learnt along the way.

How will I do this?
By keeping it simple. I have already done a couple as prep work and have spent a maximum of 30-60mins per illustration. I am trying not overthink the idea or overwork the illustration and just be free with it, keeping it fun, playful and from the heart. Also, I will be only armed with my trusty brush ink pen and some simple colouring in Photoshop.

Why am I doing Idioms?
A few years ago I did a Skillshare class hosted by Mikey Burton who taught about how to draw idioms. I really loved the class and the idea of it: taking a one line concept and turning it into something in the same way and illustrator would be asked to sum up an article into a simple creative piece. Editorial illustration, and to be honest most creative briefs, be it a logo, a piece of packaging or advertising is trying to encapsulate an idea in the simplest way possible to communicate in an effective way. I want to be better at this and this challenge is a great way to practice this!

You can follow my progress via my Instagram feed here feel free to comment, I would love to hear what you think!


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