Why doing absolutely nothing can be brilliant for your mind and a look at my process.

Loved this little article on inews.co.uk about the art of doing nothing or how the Croatians call it: Fjaka!!

I got the idea for this picture when in the article, fjaka, is described as being likened to “stretching out on a hammock, wine within reach, fishing line tied to your toe”.

So to tackle the piece I started off with an initial brain dump and then came up with the below doodle. I was thinking about the statement but decided to swap the hammock out for a thought cloud as it’s all about mindfulness!

After which I tend to do a more detailed sketch… biro, pencil… whatever is to hand it’s always pretty scrappy at this stage!

Then it’s time to ink! For the below I traced the above using a light box. I inked this piece in parts and do that usually so it gives me more control over the composition once I’ve scanned everything and got it into Photoshop.

Then with a little bit of this and that and some colouring… we have a finished piece!

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